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What Is The Layered Petal?

The Layered Petal is a unique community celebrating intimate lifestyle, education and guidance with product purchases. We strive to empower you to make informed decisions about products to support your lifestyle needs. Aside from celebrating sexuality and intimacy, we pride ourselves in providing awareness of common sexual dysfunction concerns, increasing your confidence to discuss any possible medical management options with your healthcare team and the freedom to have an individualized shopping experience that is free from judgement.


The Layered Petal was created by a board-certified family physician who is fellowship-trained in women's and sexual health. Dr. A. L. Johnson is passionate about embracing the role that healthy sexual lifestyles and intimate experiences play in overall health and well-being. She currently serves as the medical director of a women's health clinic where she manages a primary care team . In addition to providing primary care, she developed and serves as the medical consultant for a women's integrative sexual health clinic alongside a psychologist and a pelvic floor physical therapist. 

With the complexities that sexual health can have on emotional and physical well-being, Dr. Johnson knew how important it would be to extend her expertise beyond her current clinical practice. She is passionate about an individual's understanding and communicating sexual dysfunction, awareness of treatment options, and experiencing the highest level of sexual satisfaction that they determine achievable. Dr. Johnson understands that there are many layers to sexual lifestyle and intimacy choices. She created this educational playground and shopping experience to fit the needs of participating individuals, celebrate desires, and assist with setting future lifestyle goals.

In this community, we validate the layers that influence and impact sexual functioning must be acknowledged in order to guide and maintain successful results. At The Layered Petal, you receive reliable education and can engage in mature conversations about sex and intimacy. In addition to our regular educational blogs and webinars, we make purchasing products approachable and individualized with questionnaires to guide your lifestyle needs. 

We welcome you and look forward to ensuring that you have a satisfying educational experience, judgement-free engagement and a tailored shopping experience within this community.

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